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First Apple Watch software update arrives with fixes, more health tracking info

Apple updated the Watch OS software for its Apple Watch on Tuesday, bringing bug fixes and more detailed health tracking for certain activities. Watch OS 1.0.1 appears to be fairly incremental based on on the version number and few items found in the official release notes, which include improved performance for: Siri Measurement of standing activity Calculating calories for indoor… Read more →

Business as usual is not an option for customer-obsessed CIOs

I’m immersed in our strategic view that consumers and businesses alike demand outstanding customer experiences and expect them more than ever before. In fact, it’s so important to us that we are being measured against the Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) on delivering a great customer experience. The trouble is I’m experiencing many of the same blockers that our client… Read more →

​India outsourcing giants grab larger portion of contract pie

India outsourcing giants such as Cognizant, CGI and Wipro are grabbing and increasing part of the global contract pie, according to IDC data. IDC’s data indicates that India outsourcing companies now represent more than 50 percent of the total contract value of the top 100 outsourcing deals in 2014. In 2013, India’s outsourcers represented 43 percent of the total contract… Read more →

Microsoft’s May updates for Intune include new iOS, Android, Windows Phone features

Microsoft is continuing its monthly update pace with its Intune device-management service with a May refresh that includes new iOS, Android and Windows Phone features. Microsoft will be rolling out its May Intune updates between today, May 19, and May 26. The new features include, according to a new blog post: Ability to extend application protection to existing line-of-business apps… Read more →

Wal-Mart’s Q1: A look at the e-commerce moving parts

Wal-Mart said its first quarter e-commerce sales were up 17 percent and that the retailing giant will continue to invest as it aims to create a mobile, social, Web and brick-and-mortar revenue cycle. The company doesn’t divulge a lot about its e-commerce business beyond its annual shareholder meeting, which will happen in June. However, Wal-Mart’s first quarter report is instructive… Read more →

Fove eye-tracking VR headset makes virtual reality more like reality

The dirty secret with modern-day virtual reality headsets are that they don’t really offer virtual reality. Headsets like the Oculus Rift are the first step in the right direction, but really, the big VR feature is essentially just replacing your mouse’s camera-look movement with your neck. Current headsets not only need to be coupled with omnidirectional treadmills to keep you from feeling like… Read more →

In defense of ad-blockers, a vital line of defense for the privacy conscious

Some ads are cleverer than others. Doesn’t mean they’re much better, though. (Image: The Economist) Look up. And then to the left and right. And somewhere in-between these words. You’ll see ads scattered all over the place, asking you to “buy this” or “click me,” or — if you’re really lucky — you’ll get one that takes over the entire… Read more →

Intuit tightens PayPal integration with data synchronization app

Financial software maker Intuit has released a new synchronization app with PayPal. The app enables users to import PayPal sales and transaction data automatically into QuickBooks Online. The app works in real time and with multiple payment channels, including mobile, e-commerce and point of sale. Intuit says roughly 25 percent of its QuickBooks Online users report using PayPal in their… Read more →

Daily Report: In Singapore, the Post Office Evolves for E-Commerce

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