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Solid-state drives lose data if left without power for just a few days

Solid-state drives don’t look like much, but they’re in many newer notebooks (Image: CNET) Storage. It’s not a sexy topic. But everyone uses it in some way or another. You have iPhones, you have computers. Everyone knows how important a person’s data is. But it doesn’t just “disappear.” Or does it? New research suggests that newer solid-state hard drives, which… Read more →

Top Windows Phone news of the week: Two flagships, Ubuntu challenges, tiny growth

Edge browser extensions coming to Windows Phone, eventually Microsoft recently shared that extensions to its upcoming mobile browser, Edge, is coming with Windows 10. The ability to extend functionality to the browser using developer produced extensions is necessary for Microsoft to compete with other platforms. Windows 10 will be released on a staggered schedule, and Windows Phone will get the… Read more →

Privacy set to be biggest casualty of UK election, as "snoopers’ charter" returns

(Image via BBC/Twitter) The new UK government is set to reintroduce a controversial bill, expanding the country’s surveillance powers. Home Secretary Theresa May said Friday, within hours of the prime minister David Cameron declaring a Conservative majority in Thursday’s general election, that the draft powers were “one very key example” of policy previously blocked by the coalition’s partners. GCHQ mass… Read more →

Top iOS news of the week: Battery drain, Android switchers, iPad sales dropping

iPhones grabbing Android customers in the EU In the first quarter of this year Apple’s latest iPhones were gaining in popularity in five of the largest countries in Europe, and that increase is at the expense of Android. Apple’s share of the smartphone market grew to 20.3 percent while the Android share fell to 68.4 percent, a drop of 3.1… Read more →

Lightning Ethernet cable for the iPhone or iPad

Redpark While it’s a no-brainer connecting an iPhone or iPad to a Wi-Fi network, Ethernet-only networks have been a no-go zone… until now. Must See Gallery 7 personal assistant robots coming home soon The global service robotics market is set to boom, and the second half of 2015 should usher the first wave of these new helpers. Read More If… Read more →

T-Mobile and BlackBerry announce new partnership, BlackBerry Classic launches on 13 May

As ZDNet’s Larry Dignan pointed out last year, T-Mobile and BlackBerry had a falling out and eventually T-Mobile stopped offering BlackBerry devices to customers. In the spirit of love around this Mother’s Day weekend, T-Mobile announced a new partnership with BlackBerry that begins with the BlackBerry Classic launching next week for $440. President and CEO of T-Mobile, John Legare, stated:… Read more →