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Flurry report: Apple’s iOS devices dominate holiday season activations

(Image: Flurry Analytics) Santa brought a new iPad Mini to our house and according to a Flurry report we definitely weren’t the only household to activate a new Apple product. Flurry examined data from more than 600,000 apps with results showing Apple’s iOS dominated activations with 51 percent of the new device market. Samsung was in second place with 18… Read more →

London: The Information Capital, book review: Data visualisation done right

London: The Information Capital: 100 maps and graphics that will change how you view the city • By James Cheshire and Oliver Uberti • Particular Books • 240 pages • ISBN 978-1846148477 • £25 Like New York and Sydney, London is an iconic city. Even if you’ve never visited, you think you know what it looks like, from movies and… Read more →

The Internet of Things: Cool connected cars

Summary: Cars have been getting more clever, talking to your device, and exchanging status information with each other. in this post we show how IoT technology is leading us towards driverless cars that can safely take us wherever we want to go. By Eileen Brown for Social Business | December 30, 2014 — 16:32 GMT (08:32 PST) Follow @eileenb Source… Read more →

Brazilian government changes tech minister – again

As Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff gears up to start her new mandate next month, Aldo Rebelo has been appointed as the new science and technology minister. The appointment of Rebelo, most recently the sports minister with a career in politics dating back from the 1970s, marks a return of actual politicians to the science and technology cabinet, which had been… Read more →

Thailand gives ISPs authority to block content at will

With great power comes great responsibility, but power have taken on a somewhat different meaning in Thailand where Internet service providers (ISPs) now have the “authority” to remove online content without prior approval from authorities. The new ruling was approved at a joint meeting between the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), law enforcement, and major internet service operators in… Read more →

The top tech surprises of 2014

There’s an awful lot of tech news that happens in 365 and a quarter days, and not every headline is one you expect to read. We were treated to plenty of surprises in 2014 here at Geek, and we figured rounding up some of our favorites was a fitting way to wind up the year. NASA emailed a wrench to space In September, SpaceX… Read more →

American Workers Say Internet Makes Them More Productive

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CES 2015: Samsung launching Series 9 2015 Edition Ultrabook laptop

Remember Ultrabooks? Intel’s svelte laptop platform — presumably designed to combat the Apple MacBook Air — was launched with great fanfare in 2011, but has faded from the headlines as 2-in-1 hybrid notebooks and dirt-cheap Windows 8.1 laptops and Chromebooks have gained greater popularity. See also CNET at CES 2015 CNET editors bring you complete coverage from the 2015 International… Read more →

Cheap randomness – real security

In the wake of the Snowden revelations it’s clear that all communications should be encrypted. But how? Crypto systems require a public and a private number – and the latter should be totally random. But achieving randomness from a digital system is practically impossible – which is why you see the term “pseudo-random” number generators (p-RNG). For convenience and cost… Read more →

Moving away from datacenter complexities

IDC shared in its latest Datacenter Predictions that they expect “more than 60% of companies to change how they manage the majority their IT infrastructure, [relying on advanced automation and qualified service partners to boost efficiency and directly tie datacenter spend to business value][1]. The datacenter has without a doubt become more than just another IT asset. Today’s datacenter is… Read more →

Daily Report: Latest Financing for Xiaomi, Chinese Smartphone Maker, Raises Value to $45 Billion

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Why Kim Dotcom buying off Lizard Squad was the wrong move

Weighing in at more than 130 kilograms, or 290 pounds, Kim Dotcom makes an unlikely Christmas fairy. Nevertheless, he cast himself in that role on the weekend by buying off Lizard Squad, the guys who claimed to be running the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack that was crippling the Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox networks on Christmas Day. Thanks… Read more →