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If marketers are buying technology, they should learn agile as well

It’s well-known by now that marketing leaders are overseeing technology budgets that rival those of IT executives. As we’ve said here before, we aren’t just witnessing the growth of “shadow IT,” we’re seeing the development of full-fledged parallel IT departments within organizations. Along with procuring, managing and upgrading technology services, non-IT executives also need to borrow another important page from… Read more →

Xerox launches print eccomerce platform for SMEs in Brazil

Xerox has launched a new offering in Brazil to allow small and medium-sized print companies to do business online more easily and automate processes for the final consumer. The product, Box2Print, is offered in partnership with print ecommerce specialist PrintOne and enables the creation of an online storefront with a range of resources according to the products and services the… Read more →

Six clicks: Best gadgets I bought in 2014

Summary: I buy a lot of gadgets, and this year more than most years. There were good gadgets, average gadgets, and duds purchased this year. Here are the best of the lot in the order I value them. By James Kendrick for Mobile News | December 26, 2014 — 15:58 GMT (07:58 PST) Follow @jkendrick Source Article from clicks:… Read more →

2014: The year Microsoft lost my loyalty

I am not a Microsoft hater. In fact, I have often written about why I prefer (or, I guess, preferred) using Windows for most things. But as I wrote my DIY-IT project recap over the weekend, I realized just how far from the Microsoft mothership I had drifted in 2014. From productivity to email to operating systems to mobile to… Read more →

2014 in review: The biggest tech stories of the year

Summary: A look back at the hot topics, major deals, and the technological breakthroughs of 2014 — from security to product launches, and the year’s successes and catastrophes. By Zack Whittaker for Between the Lines | December 26, 2014 — 12:30 GMT (04:30 PST) Follow @zackwhittaker Source Article from in review: The biggest tech stories of the year blogs… Read more →

Stuff we regret buying: 2014 edition

We don’t just write about this stuff, we spend a significant amount of money on the products we cover. We each like to think that we have a good track record with our technology purchases, but inevitably everyone makes a bad call and buys something they regret. That could be because the product doesn’t deliver on its promises, because it’s… Read more →

7 devices that push battery life to the absolute limit

The world is powered by aging technology: lithium-ion batteries. This is the tech that powers the Tesla Model S, your smartphone, a beard trimmer, and a pacemaker, and it has made only incremental steps forward over the past decade. Those increments have allowed “smart” technology to invade all corners of the globe, but to progress any further we’ll need some truly next-generation… Read more →

Zero Day Weekly: Chase 2-auth shame, Apple forced update, German APT nightmare

Welcome to Zero Day’s Week In Security, our roundup of notable security news items for the week ending December 26, 2014. Covers enterprise, controversies, reports and more. This week Apple forced its first-ever automatic security update, the JPMorgan Chase breach would’ve been foiled by two-factor auth, an APT led to scary physical damage at a German iron plant, Staples was… Read more →

130K users’ data leaked via China’s train ticketing site

Personal data of more than 130,000 customers who purchased train tickets on China’s official online railway ticketing site have been leaked, causing panic among users concerned about identify theft. According to local news reports, data such as usernames, e-mail address, passwords, and phone numbers had been leaked from the ticketing website,, which is operated by China Railway. The incident… Read more →

Qualcomm asked to lower patent fees amid China’s antitrust probe

Chinese authorities have asked Qualcomm to collect lower patent fees from smartphone manufacturers that deploy its technology, following an antitrust investigation that began a year ago. China’s National Development and Reform Commission may also want the U.S. vendor to unbundle its licensing agreements, reported Bloomberg citing various sources. Should Qualcomm reach an agreement, it would put an end to the… Read more →