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Android invades the desktop

Microsoft has spent a lot of time and effort trying to get Windows onto smartphones and tablets–so far without a whole lot to show for it. Now several PC companies are trying the opposite approach, taking the Android operating system and porting it to PCs. The latest example is HP’s Slate 21, which looks like… Read more →

FTC issues new edict to search engines over ads

The Federal Trade Commission has issued some new and stricter guidelines to search engine providers in order to protect consumers. Specifically, the FTC is ordering that search engines need to do a better job of distinguishing search results from paid online advertising. Here’s an excerpt from the order published on Tuesday afternoon: According to both… Read more →

Microsoft delivers second update to its Metro-Style Lync app

When Microsoft rolled out Windows 8 and Office 2013, the company made two versions of its Lync unified communications app available: A regular desktop one, and a touch-centric, “Metro-Style”/Windows Store one. (The Metro-Style one was codenamed “Lync MX,” similar to the way the Metro-Style OneNote was codenamed “OneNote MX.”) On June 25, Microsoft made available… Read more →

Facebook explains how ‘TAO’ serves social workloads, data requests

Facebook has dropped in yet another tile to the puzzle that is its intricate data infrastructure serving more than a billion users worldwide. This time the focus is on TAO, or “The Associations and Objects, a core component of Facebook’s data infrastructure that runs on a large collection of geographically-scattered server clusters. See also: Understanding… Read more →

A quick read: why SOA goes bad

Do service oriented architecture (SOA) projects consist of too much guesswork that misses a lot of the intircacies and quriks that define enterprise processes? Photo credit: Joe McKendrick At his LessAccounting blogsite, Steven Bristol reflects on the challenges of service-orienting complex systems, noting that many such efforts in recent years have made very complex systems… Read more →, Oracle partner in cloud

Big news in enterprise land today: sometime-rivals and Oracle announced this morning a nine-year partnership to integrate their clouds. The deal encompasses all three tiers of cloud computing: applications, platform and infrastructure. For Salesforce’s part, the company plans to standardize on the Oracle Linux operating system, Exadata engineered systems, the Oracle Database and Java… Read more →