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Tech Moves to the Background as Design Becomes Foremost

Stephen Lam/Reuters Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president for software engineering, discussing the redesign of its mobile software system. In the last few decades, the computing industry has passed through several different eras. In the ’90s, the big tech companies were in a race for faster and more powerful computers. Then in the 2000s, the industry moved to mobile in… Read more →

Google Asks Secret Court for Permission to Publish National Security Request Data

Jeff Chiu/Associated Press Google’s motion to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court on Tuesday is the company’s latest move to control the public relations crisis that has resulted from revelations of government Internet surveillance. Google on Tuesday filed a motion with the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, asking permission to publish data on national security requests that were made to it… Read more →

Laptops give you HOLS (Hunched-Over-Laptop Syndrome) and tablets are a pain in the neck

Most British office workers — 79 percent — say that working with mobile devices such as laptops and tablets is making them sick, according to a research conducted on behalf of Fellowes. The problem even has a catchy name:  HOLS, for Hunched Over Laptop Syndrome. Posture is important when using computers. Photo credit: Fellowes Decades… Read more →

Google petitions Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court over data requests

In another move to either further clarify or separate itself from the U.S. government in the wake of the NSA scandal, Google has announced it is petitioning the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. Last week, Google penned an open letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and FBI Director Robert Mueller asking for the federal agencies to lift… Read more →

Former ArcSight chief named as new Cloudera CEO

There are some major moves among the leadership team at Cloudera this week. For starters, current chief executive officer Mike Olson is stepping down as CEO. But don’t worry as he’s not leaving the Apache Hadoop software provider. Instead, Olson will be serving as both chief strategy officer as well as chairman of Cloudera’s Board of… Read more →

Microsoft delivers biggest update to date to TypeScript

Microsoft made available to testers on June 18 of what’s likely one of the last preview builds of its TypeScript language, compiler and tools. TypeScript .9 is available for download from the TypeScript site. The latest update, which Microsoft officials described as the biggest TypeScript preview update to date, includes a bunch of new features… Read more →

I.B.M. Inflates Its Cloud

SoftLayer Technologies Earlier this month, IBM agreed to pay about $2 billion for SoftLayer Technologies, which has a global network of 13 data centers, including this one in Dallas. For all the money it has spent, you don’t hear about I.B.M. as a powerhouse of cloud computing-based services. Cloud computing is still a tiny fraction of the company’s $106 billion… Read more →