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A Visual Way to Navigate Among Comments

screenshot via Disqus A data visualization shows highly engaging comments for stories and blog posts online. When it comes to comments on the Internet, there are often two distinct buckets. One, a sludge of vitriol and anger toward the author of a post or story. The second, too many comments to navigate where the good input from readers is often lost… Read more →

Windows 8 security for healthcare IT

Now that Windows 8 has been out for a while, we’ve all come to know both its strengths (it’s a pretty solid OS under the hood) and its weaknesses (the missing Start button, for instance). I’ve talked before about why I think there might actually be some benefit to the tile UI in a Windows… Read more →

The vanishing PC: Race to the bottom accelerates

Computers and electronics are always getting cheaper. That’s one result of Moore’s Law. But the demand for more performance and features has traditionally kept the PC from falling too far, too fast. Those days may now be ending. The truth is that things began to change some time ago. The writing has been on the… Read more →

Altova debuts enterprise server software trio

FlowForce Server’s web interface. (Screenshot courtesy Altova) Multinational software company Altova announced yesterday a new trio of server software offerings that are aimed at helping IT professionals more easily automate business processes in the enterprise. The new product line covers Windows, Linux and Mac OS: FlowForce Server is intended to manage the orchestration of events, triggers, and… Read more →

Cisco jumps on gigabit Internet craze with new wireless offerings

The words “gigabit Internet” are becoming fairly common these days with buzz surrounding Google Fiber — much to the ire of some wireless providers nationwide scrambling to compete. In the meantime, Cisco is getting involved with some new 802.11ac wireless networking solutions, falling in line with the communications giant’s evolving strategies around WLAN and the “Internet… Read more →

HP boasts its SDN fabric cuts provisioning down from months to minutes

Hewlett-Packard is stepping up its datacenter game with a new suite of solutions for software-defined networking. See also: HP launches Project Moonshot, powered with Intel’s Atom at first | Servers, datacenters to see same upheaval as PC industry Built on its FlexNetwork converged networking architecture, HP boasts that it can offer up to two times… Read more →