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Andreessen Horowitz Hires Chris Dixon Away From EBay

Chris Dixon in 2010. Andreessen Horowitz, the venture capital firm, is adding a serial entrepreneur to its roster. On Monday the company announced that it had hired Chris Dixon as a full-time general partner. Marc Andreessen, one of Andreessen Horowitz’s founders, said he was impressed with Mr. Dixon’s track record as as entrepreneur and investor. Mr. Dixon sold one previous… Read more →

Building an Iconography for Digital Privacy

Mozilla’s icons tell users whether sites collect user information in non-obvious ways, whether they sell personal data or share it with government officials without court orders and how long they keep it. Web site privacy policies are usually long, vague and notoriously neglected by most of us. Or as Alex Fowler, chief privacy officer at Mozilla, put it, “We have… Read more →

Today’s Scuttlebot: Gaza Tech War and the Belarus Browser

Some interesting items that the tech reporters and editors of The New York Times found on the Web recently. See more here. Wi-Fi From the |  Drones or balloons carrying WiFi antennas could provide connectivity to affected areas after future disasters. – Joshua Brustein The Gaza Strip Cyber |  From Telecomix to Gaza civilians: instructions on how to tweet… Read more →

Apple and the Desire for Control

Nir Elias/Reuters Apple rejected an app that estimated the amount of radiation the iPhone was emitting. Apple did not invent the notion of using cellphones to play games and carry out small tasks, but it certainly made the concept its own. Its app store is the one all developers want to get into, despite the much larger market share claimed… Read more →

Microsoft investigating reported Windows Phone 8 reboots

Windows Phone 8 devices just started hitting the market, but a number of users are reporting spontaneous reboots and email-sync issues with various devices on different carriers. I had not had any issues with my loaner HTC 8X Windows Phone 8 on AT&T, which I’ve been testing since October 29 — until yesterday, that is. This… Read more →

Microsoft’s Server and Tools unit now includes six $1 billion businesses

Microsoft officials have talked in the past about the company’s billion-dollar business club — the handful of product groups that regularly contribute a billion dollars or more to the company’s coffers. (Some of these billion-dollar contributors are now up to $2 billion, such as the SharePoint unit, as its leaders said publicly last week.) Microsoft’s… Read more →

Cisco acquires Meraki for $1.2 billion to move in on mid market cloud customers

Credit: Meraki Cisco is adding some cool cloud management technology to its portfolio. It has announced the acquisition of privately held cloud infrastructure provider Meraki for $1.2 billion in cash and revenue based initiatives, subject to regulatory review. The 330 employee start-up provides Wi-Fi with cloud based management software to remotely control and manage the… Read more →

Intel Chief Executive to Retire in May

Steve Marcus/Reuters Paul Otellini. Intel said on Monday that its president and chief executive, Paul S. Otellini, would retire from the company in May, after 40 years with the chip maker. The company said it would prepare to transition to a new leader over the next six months. Mr. Otellini has served as chief executive for seven years. In a… Read more →

Small businesses still underestimate cost of security breaches

Small companies realize they are ever more vulnerable to security breaches, but few of them fully appreciate the ramifications of an IT infrastructure break-in. Or even something far more likely such as a stolen credit card number. That’s just one of the high-level takeaways from the new State of Cyber Security Readiness survey by Ponemon… Read more →