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Today’s Scuttlebot: EBay Twinkies and Obama’s Engineers

Some interesting items that the tech reporters and editors of The New York Times found on the Web recently. See more here. When the Nerds Go Marching InThe Atlantic |  How men with beards won the White House. – Somini Sengupta On eBay, the Starting Bid for a Single Twinkie Is $5,000The Atlantic |  The snackcakepocalypse is nigh. – Jenna Wortham Pay… Read more →

Google investments in clean energy approach $1 billion

  Investment team members Nick Coons and Steffi Russell-Egbert visiting the Rippey project on a (windy) day in October. Photo Credit: Google Google is putting $75 million into a wind farm about an hour outside of Des Moines, Iowa, bringing the total amount of money it has invested in renewable energy technology to $990 million…. Read more →

Market confidence in cloud soars, especially among service providers, says North Bridge survey

Gardner: Is there anything to indicate from your survey and your experience lately that there is a waning interest or enthusiasm for cloud? Skok: Obviously there’s an increasing interest in understanding cloud, but as cloud has captured so much attention, there is also a significant interest in understanding what the real applications and potential for it are. People are trying… Read more →

Cloud payroll service debuts in US market

Cloud software developer Wave Accounting has created a U.S. edition of its payroll software, targeted at small businesses with fewer than 10 employees on staff. Wave Payroll is a complement to the company’s accounting software — but it can also export data to Intuit Quickbooks and generate various financial reports through. A screenschot of the… Read more →

SmartGlass App for Controlling Your Xbox Has a Few Holes

One of the most frustrating experiences with using Apple TV, Xbox and almost any other Internet-connected set-top box is text entry. The moment you need to use a conventional remote control or game controller to enter words or numbers — for a password, say, or to search for a television show on Netflix — is the second when turning off… Read more →

Apple Now Owns the Page Turn

The United States Patent and Trademark Office If you want to know just how broken the patent system is, just look at patent D670,713, filed by Apple and approved this week by the United States Patent Office. This design patent, titled, “Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface,” gives Apple the exclusive rights to the page turn… Read more →

Samba 4 now planned for release on Dec 11

Samba 4 — the first open source Active Directory-compatible print and file server — will now ship on December 11, developers say. It’s a bit of a delay from the recent slated finish date of Nov 27th,  now the targeted date for release candidate 5. Release candidate 4 of Samba was posted on Nov 13.  … Read more →

Dell bolsters enterprise cloud ambitions with Gale Technologies buy

Dell has purchased Gale Technologies, a specialist in datacentre management and cloud creation, in a move that bolsters the hardware giant’s ambitions to become an enterprise services provider. The acquisition was announced by Dell on Friday. Alongside this, the company said it is forming an Enterprise Systems and Solutions group, which will help with its… Read more →

UK schools waste ‘millions’ a year on useless gadgets

In the last five years, UK schools have spent over £1 billion pounds on buying the latest must-have gadgets, digital learning tools and software. But how much of this investment is actually put to good use? According to research released by non-profit organisation Nesta, although such a vast amount has been invested to modernize the… Read more →

Cloud computing’s utility future gets closer

Cloud computing is converting from a market defined by different technologies into one defined by quality of service.  Existing utility markets include ones for water, electricity, gas and, to a degree, basic internet connectivity.  A utility market occurs when an item has been commoditised to the point that it becomes very hard to differentiate on… Read more →