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Microsoft launches Windows 8, Surface: By the numbers

Microsoft launched its latest operating system Windows 8, and its first tablet endeavor, Surface at an event in New York today.  Related: ZDNet: Windows 8 | Surface | Windows 8 | CNET: Surface | Microsoft statement | Techmeme During the event, Microsoft executives and vice-presidents took to the stage to show off the latest statistics and figures for Microsoft, Windows 8,… Read more →

Video: Another View of Patents

James Dyson, inventor and founder of the Dyson company, talks to Steve Lohr about patent infringements. Source Article from

Ballmer and Dell Talk Windows 8 and Surface Tablet in Joint Interview

Left, Kimihiro Hoshino/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images; Brendan Mcdermid/Reuters Michael S. Dell, left, and Steven A. Ballmer. There are not many people in the personal computer industry who have been in business together as long as Steve Ballmer and Michael Dell, the chief executives of Microsoft and Dell. But the PC industry has been losing some of its luster lately… Read more →

Updates From Microsoft’s Windows 8 and Surface Event

Well, that’s it for the Windows 8 portion of the presentation. Microsoft will be showing more of its Surface product a bit later. Thanks for following along. Mr. Ballmer leaves the stage, the lights come up, people are leaving their seats. But Microsoft executives had earlier left the impression that there would be a deeper demonstration of Surface. Mr. Ballmer… Read more →

Daily Report: Zynga Stays in the Game

Zynga, which practically invented the notion of using Facebook as a games platform, is firing employees, shutting games and losing players. When warned that its third-quarter numbers would be a pre-Halloween horror, investors started thinking about the apocalypse. The results, released after the market closed Wednesday, were not quite as bad as that, David Streitfeld reports in Thursday’s New York… Read more →

T-Mobile Galaxy Note II first impressions: Samsung stepped up to the plate with this upgrade

Summary: The Galaxy Note II is now available for T-Mobile and if you are a data centric user then this is a serious device you should consider. I may have found my perfect device with not a single lame specification. By Matthew Miller for Smartphones and Cell Phones | October 25, 2012 — 12:52 GMT (05:52 PDT) Follow @palmsolo … Read more →

Don’t hate Windows 8!

Windows 8 is really hard to get used to. Really, really hard. Don’t get me wrong, even when when you’re running through the install process, Windows 8 looks absolutely fabulous. Never before has so much elegance been wrought from such basic use of colour and typography. It’s beautiful from the get-go. But when you get to the Start screen —… Read more →

Anthropologist ‘confirms’ Apple is a religion

Think religion, think ritual: history, perhaps sacred writings, proscribed sets of moral laws, and potentially a sacrifice or two. There are plenty of organizations and cultures around the world that claim they adhere to a certain set of beliefs, but could adoration and a cult following for a technology firm be the next step? The University of British Columbia’s Dr. Kirsten… Read more →

PA tries to buy new Oracle offices with employee’s money

Tax incentives to get companies to build new facilities or open large offices are a usual part of the way that localities try to attract investment. Generally, these incentives appear in the omr of tax abatements or even complete immunity from some form of taxation for a fixed period of time. But Pennsylvania is on the verge of joining 15… Read more →

Steve Ballmer: Microsoft will make more hardware to set the standard

Outside of gaming Microsoft has predominantly been a software company, so when it was suggested they might make hardware people were skeptical. Doing so would alienate its Windows hardware partners and Microsoft wouldn’t want to jeopardize those relationships. But then Surface appeared, has received generally good pre-launch reviews, and has got people talking about Windows 8… Read more →

Judge steps down from Apple’s Siri patent case

New York District Court Judge Gary Sharpe has recused himself from a lawsuit involving Apple as he has an “interest” in the technology firm. First reported by sister site CNET, the new lawsuit claims that famous Apple virtual personal assistant Siri — found on iPhones and iPad models — was developed based on exploiting patented technology. The case has been… Read more →