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Cloudera’s Impala brings Hadoop to SQL and BI

Cloudera, the company behind the most widely deployed Hadoop distribution, did something surprising yesterday at Strata + Hadoop World, NYC.  Instead of beckoning “old school” database and BI professionals (i.e. the majority of enterprise developers and DBAs) to move to Hadoop, it announced the beta of a new product, Impala, that brings Hadoop to them.  Impala, part of Cloudera Distribution… Read more →

Apple Q4: China growth, Cook slams Surface, iPad mini margins

Apple missed its fourth quarter forecasts, but the technology giant remains steady and on track. Its shares were halted to report its latest earnings report, but started to dip in after hours trading, even falling below the $600 a share mark for moment or two. Read more: Apple earnings: misses estimates, slashes guidance | Techmeme | Apple statement But on the… Read more →

NASDAQ plans to unify private shares markets for startups

NASDAQ plans to unify US private shares markets and introduce set periodic trading periods in a bid to reduce volatility and improve liquidity in shares of startups. NASDAQ has plans to unify US private shares markets and introduce set periodic trading periods in a bid to reduce volatility and improve liquidity in shares of startups. The NASDAQ plans would help… Read more →

Apple earnings: misses estimates, slashes guidance

Apple today announced earnings for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2012, posting earnings per share of $8.67 on revenue of $35.97 billion. That just misses estimates for EPS but beats them for sales. Overall it’s a minor miss for the quarter, but the company is generally on track. More worrisome: the company dropped its guidance for the first quarter of… Read more →

Letterpress, Game From the Creator of Tweetie, Lifts Off

These days, iPhone games are a dime a dozen. But every so often, one breaks free from the masses and begins to generate a bit of buzz. That’s the story around Letterpress, a clever new word game for the iPhone and iPad, which is already creeping up the iTunes charts and has been downloaded around 60,000 times during its first… Read more →

Today’s Scuttlebot: Subway App and Phantom Mobile Business

Some interesting items that the tech reporters and editors of The New York Times found on the Web recently. See more here. Is It Immoral to Own an iPhone 5? |  Thoughtful piece that raises some important questions worth considering. – Jenna Wortham 15 Companies Getting Back Into the Businesses They |  From Evernote notebooks to Words With Friends boardgames, Web… Read more →

DealBook: Mayer Strikes First Deal at Yahoo With Acquisition of Stamped

Stephen Lam/ReutersMarissa Mayer, chief of Yahoo. Marissa Mayer promised earlier this week that Yahoo‘s deal-making was likely to revolve around smaller add-on acquisitions. On Thursday, she proved that she meant what she said. The Internet company announced that it had purchased Stamped, a start-up focused on mobile products, for an undisclosed amount. The deal amounts to an “acqui-hire,” Silicon Valley’s… Read more →

Yahoo acquires mobile recommendations startup Stamped

Following up a positive earnings announcement earlier this week, Yahoo is aiming to keep the momentum going with a brand new acquisition. The search company has acquired Stamped, a young New York City-based startup that produces a mobile recommendations app. Mashable reported, based on unnamed sources, before an official statement was released that this was purely a “talent” buy. That… Read more →

Windows 8 launch: Microsoft makes the case for the PC

The Windows 8 launch today seemed designed to put to rest any rumors that Microsoft is running away from the PC. Instead a parade of executives made the case that Windows 8 is the foundation for the “best PCs ever made”–ones designed to work as both laptops and tablets, and for both work and play. The purpose of the event… Read more →

Buying a new MacBook Pro 13-inch with retina display — Don’t bank on upgrading it!

Earlier this week, Apple unveiled a new MacBook Pro 13-inch complete with retina display. If you’re planning on buying one of these then you’d better load up your purchase up with all the RAM and storage you’ll need, because it’s not the sort of machine that makes upgrading easy. Why? An iFixit teardown shows us why. First, you have to… Read more →