The ACCC is going to need a standard speed measurement for one ADSL2+

On Wednesday, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) published the submissions to its inquiry into the lower end of the NBN market, launched in October. Formally dubbed the Inquiry into NBN access pricing, the ACCC is mainly concerned that people cannot get a basic NBN service at the same pricing level as prior ADSL services. In the real world, this… Read more →

Two of China’s largest tech firms are uniting to create a new ‘domestic OS’

Image: CEC CNET Decade in Review: 2010-2019 From the iPad to selfies to fake meat, we look back at an action-packed decade Read More The two biggest OS (operating system) makers in China announced plans last week to unite and jointly build a new “domestic operating system.” The two companies are China Standard Software (CS2C) and Tianjin Kylin Information (TKC),… Read more →

Red Hat customers want the hybrid cloud

Why Red Hat can take over the cloud sooner than you think Today, Red Hat dominates enterprise Linux. Tomorrow, it wants to rule the cloud. With IBM beside it, don’t bet against it. Read more: If you listen to some people, everyone and their corner office wants to move to the public cloud. Red Hat‘s global customers have a… Read more →

Cisco outlines silicon, software roadmap for next generation internet

Cisco on Wednesday outlined new details behind its strategy to build next-generation internet technology. As a set up for what it dubs its ‘Internet for the Future’ strategy, the networking giant announced a multi-year plan for building and investing in 5G internet technology, including silicon, optics and software.  “Innovation requires focused investment, the right team and a culture that values… Read more →

Intel’s new RealSense camera brings hi-res LiDAR to a small form factor

Intel Corporation Intel on Wednesday introduced the RealSense LiDAR camera L515, which Intel says is the world’s smallest hi-res LiDAR camera.  RealSense cameras are used to help products “see” the world around them in 3D by tracking movement and depth. Using proprietary LiDAR technology, Intel says the new camera delivers “unparalleled” levels of depth perception and accuracy that are ideal… Read more →

Microsoft details the most clever phishing techniques it saw in 2019

Image: Microsoft Earlier this month, Microsoft released a report on this year’s malware and cyber-security trends. Among the few trends highlighted in the report was that phishing was one of the few attack vectors that saw a rise in activity over the past two years. Microsoft said that phishing attempts grew from under 0.2% in January 2018 to around 0.6%… Read more →

Hands on with the Cubot King Kong 3: A rugged phone to suit everyone

The King Kong 3 from Cubot is rugged yet it manages to look good too. Its large 5.5 inch screen is securely encased in high-strength polyester which is drop resistant to 1.5m. With dimensions of 162.50 x 78.3 x 13.3mm and weighing 9.9 ounces, it is smaller than other rugged devices I have reviewed like the Doogee S90, and S80,… Read more →

Google announces new general-purpose VMs for GCE

Google Cloud on Wednesday announced the new EC2 family of VMs for Google Compute Engine, delivering the lowest total cost of ownership of any of Google’s VMs.  The new general-purpose VMs should be suitable for a wide range of workloads. For all but the most demanding workloads, Google said, they should offer comparable performance to the N1 VMs at a… Read more →

FBI shares security advice for online shopping

Image: Rupixen, Unsplash Ahead of the yearly Christmas shopping spree, one of the FBI’s regional offices has published yesterday a series of security tips to help users stay safe while they shop online. The security tips, part of the bureau’s weekly tech advice column, deal with everything from keeping devices up-to-date to avoiding online scams. While the Bureau’s advice is… Read more →

DNA firm GEDmatch now operated by company with police ties, privacy worries surface

Biometrics and big data: How to create the airport of the future New technologies could turn air travel into a pleasure, not a pain. GEDmatch has quietly introduced a “partnership” with Verogen, a company that has created technology specifically for use in the US National DNA Index System (NDIS), opening the door for a fresh wave of privacy concerns.  GEDmatch… Read more →

Cloudera tackles machine learning "ops," governance

At the AI Summit in New York City today, Cloudera is announcing an initiative around operations of the machine learning (ML) workflow, also known as “MLOps.” In a nutshell, the company is extending the Apache Atlas platform to accommodate the governance of machine learning assets, in addition to the more conventional data governance and data lineage capabilities it has had… Read more →