Iridium GO! Turn any smartphone into a satellite phone with internet access

If you are planning any trips that are off the grid and yet still want access to phone and internet, then you need to become familiar with the Iridium satellite constellation. Orbiting approximately 485 miles above the earth, this network offers global phone and data coverage, no cell towers or Wi-Fi hotspots required! Must read: Inside a Google Titan Bluetooth… Read more →

Iridium GO! Off The Grid Package

Fun and functional Raspberry Pi accessories (June 2019 edition) Use a Raspberry Pi in your hardware projects? You’ll want to take a look at these amazing, useful, and highly functional accessories. Source Article from GO! Off The Grid Package blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet×144.png

AMCA data breach has now went over the 20 million mark

A security breach at American Medical Collection Agency (AMCA), a provider of billing services for the US healthcare sector, has now exposed the personal and financial information of over 20 million Americans, possibly more. The exposed data belongs to Americans who paid laboratory work at various clinical and blood testing labs across the US and used AMCA’s billing portal. Hack… Read more →

Uber and AT&T testing 5G for flying cars

AT&T and Uber are teaming up to figure out how wireless networks will play a role in next-gen electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles (eVTOLS), as well as enterprise drones used for cargo transport. In particular, the companies are exploring how LTE and eventually 5G will be used in both applications. “We’re in the very earliest stages of seeing what… Read more →

Brazilian IoT plan inches closer to reality

Brazil’s national strategy for Internet of Things (IoT) has moved closer to reality as the plan has now been submitted today (June 14) to be signed into law. The minister for science, technology, innovation and communications, Marcos Pontes, has forwarded the final version of the hotly anticipated plan to president Jair Bolsonaro, which has been subject of much debate and… Read more →

Mysterious Iranian group is hacking into DNA sequencers

Web-based DNA sequencer applications are under attack from a mysterious hacker group using a still-unpatched zero-day to take control of targeted devices. The attacks have started two days ago, on June 12, and are still going on, according to Ankit Anubhav, a security researcher with NewSky Security, who shared his findings with ZDNet. Hackers planting shells on DNA sequencer web… Read more →

ThinkGeek 50% off sale: 15 best toys, gadgets, and other tech deals

Cool tools for Dad you won’t find at the mall David Gewirtz’s top gift ideas for Father’s Day include some unusual and unexpected products, not just more of what Dad has already seen at his local big box store. ThinkGeek recently announced it will shut down its site on July 2 and move its business to parent company GameStop, though… Read more →

Influencer marketing spending is on the rise

These are the most influential companies on social media (you’ll be surprised) Start-up companies are falling behind on social media influence whereas older established companies are leading the way in social according to a new report. The influencer marketing space is expected to reach $10 billion by 2022, up from $2 billion in 2017, according to Business Insider Intelligence. But… Read more →

Security bug would have allowed hackers access to Google’s internal network

A young Czech bug hunter has found a security flaw in one of Google’s backend apps. If exploited by a malicious threat actor, the bug could have allowed hackers a way to steal Google employee cookies for internal apps and hijack accounts, launch extremely convincing spear-phishing attempts, and potentially gain access to other parts of Google’s internal network. This attack… Read more →

Twitter wipes out thousands of fake accounts connected to Iran, Russia

Fraudsters posing as Elon Musk carry out a bitcoin scam on Twitter Scammers are hijacking verified accounts and using them to imitate the Tesla boss as part of a new bitcoin con. Twitter has eradicated thousands of fraudulent accounts tied to Iran and Russia which have been used to influence and dominate political discussions on the platform. The majority of… Read more →

Facebook seals cryptocurrency deal with Visa, Mastercard, PayPal: report

How to build trust in cryptocurrency Bill Barhydte, founder and CEO of ABRA, tells Tonya Hall why it’s important to build trust in cryptocurrency in order to improve access to global financial markets with cryptocurrency. Facebook is reportedly gearing up to announce its own brand of cryptocurrency next week with the backing of over a dozen major financial organizations. According… Read more →

Europol turns cryptocurrency crimes into a game

Firefox adds new defenses against browser fingerprinting and cryptomining scripts Mozilla sets out Firefox’s upcoming protections against cryptojacking and fingerprint scripts, plus its rollout plans. European law enforcement is training its officers in the emerging field of cryptocurrency-related crimes by developing a game specifically for the task.  Europol said at the sixth Cryptocurrency Conference, hosted at its headquarters this week,… Read more →