Design thinking, lean and agile are finally converging

The pace of software releases at the average company keeps accelerating, from month by month, to week by week, now day by day or even hour by hour. Delivering constant updates and continuous improvements calls for new ways of thinking and collaborating. Now, people want artificial intelligence built in. Photo: HubSpot In a recent post, Jonny Schneider, a consultant with… Read more →

Nvidia researchers create AI, deep-learning system to enable robots to learn from human demonstration

Nvidia researchers have created a deep-learning system that can teach a robot simply by observing a human’s actions. According to Nvidia, the deep learning and artificial intelligence method is designed to improve robot-human communication and allow them to collaborate. The paper will be presented at a conference in Brisbane, Australia. Researchers trained neural networks powered by Nvidia’s Titan X GPUs…. Read more →

YouTube Music stuff, OnePlus 6 launch, Surface tablet rumors (MobileTechRoundup show #433)

Google revealed some upcoming changes to YouTube Music and we tried to make sense of the announcement on MobileTechRoundup show #433. We also talked about the OnePlus 6 and leaks on the HTC U12+. Image: ZDNet Hands on with the Coros PACE GPS sports watch Trying to make sense of YT Music Premium, YT Red and GPM Samsung to sell… Read more →

Teen phone monitoring app leaked thousands of user passwords

​(Image: file photo) At least one server used by an app for parents to monitor their teenagers’ phone activity has leaked tens of thousands of accounts of both parents and children. The mobile app, TeenSafe, bills itself as a “secure” monitoring app for iOS and Android, which lets parents view their child’s text messages and location, monitor who they’re calling… Read more →

This is what really happens in a Verizon store, according to a store veteran

I have an unreasonable, perhaps demented, fascination with the gadget sales process. I wrote about it for some years over at CNET and, now that I’ve been promoted to ZDNet, you surely can’t expect me to change overnight, can you? (Though I promise to try.) I’ve generally found salespeople to be either a touch indifferent or a little forthright. Sometimes,… Read more →

Nuance reportedly acquires Voicebox Technologies

Nuance Communications has acquired Voicebox Technologies, GeekWire reports. Nuance’s most recent Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing suggests the speech recognition company paid $82 million for Voicebox. Voicebox, which is based in Bellevue, Washington, has developed a VoiceAI platform that delivers a multi-person, cross-device experience. The platform is used in home and IoT devices, as well as connected cars. Its… Read more →

Kaplan Test Prep graduates to a cloud-based data lake

Video: Having big data is not enough: Tips to turn it into a business advantage Kaplan Test Prep is well known for helping students prepare for college-entrance exams, such as the SAT and ACT; post-grad admissions tests, such as the GRE and GMAT; and licensure exams for medical, legal, nursing, financial, and other professional careers. Unfortunately, the company wasn’t making… Read more →

Sony Brazil focuses on premium products

Sony remains focused on driving a strategy focused on premium products in Brazil, with a range of consumer devices to be launched locally. Read more Apple Watch Edition perks vs. price: There’s an absurdity to it The emerging world of luxury devices means no lines, VIP phone support and private service. But there’s an absurdity to it given the technology… Read more →

How to run Windows 10 and Windows applications on your Mac

Apple What would Steve Jobs think of today’s Apple? Source Article from to run Windows 10 and Windows applications on your Mac blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet×144.png

IBM warns of instant breaking of encryption by quantum computers: ‘Move your data today’

(Image: Churchill Club) Quantum computers will be able to instantly break the encryption of sensitive data protected by today’s strongest security, warns the head of IBM Research. This could happen in a little more than five years because of advances in quantum computer technologies. “Anyone that wants to make sure that their data is protected for longer than 10 years… Read more →

Bank of America debuts its AI-powered assistant, Erica

Bank of America on Friday officially introduced Erica, an AI-powered virtual assistant for its 25 million mobile customers. Erica, which Bank of America began rolling out to customers in March, can help people conduct banking via voice commands, text or with gestures from within the Bank of America app. She can currently help customers with a variety of tasks: Searching… Read more →

Qi Lu steps down as Baidu COO

Image: Baidu Qi Lu is stepping down as Baidu ‘s chief operating officer, the search engine giant announced Friday. In a statement, Lu said he was unable to continue working in China full time because of “personal and family reasons.” “I am highly optimistic on Baidu’s future and will continue to support Baidu, while spending more time with my family… Read more →