Containers or virtual machines: ​Which is more secure? The answer will surprise you

Are virtual machines (VM) more secure than containers? You may think you know the answer, but IBM Research has found containers can be as secure, or more secure, than VMs. James Bottomley, an IBM Research Distinguished Engineer and top Linux kernel developer, writes: “One of the biggest problems with the current debate about Container vs Hypervisor security is that no-one… Read more →

5 Prime Day deals you shouldn’t miss

Amazon Rival tech sales to Amazon Prime Day 2018 now on Source Article from Prime Day deals you shouldn’t miss blogs for ZDNetLatest blogs for ZDNet×144.png

Windows 10 tip: Use Nearby Sharing to transfer files, photos, and more

When you use the Share option with a file or photo, PCs that are available for sharing appear in the center of the Share pane. Click to enlarge Unless you’ve dug deeply into the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, you’ve probably missed one of its most useful new features. You could call Nearby Sharing a Windows 10 take on Apple’s… Read more →

Kubernetes as the new application server, and more

Kubernetes already has a good reputation as an orchestration platform for containers and microservices, but one developer advocate is taking things a step further, observing that it make take the place of many application servers. Managing all those containers. Photo: Joe McKendrick Kubernetes and related projects, such as OpenShift and Istio, “provide the non-functional requirements that used to be part… Read more →

Even new media struggles: Univision seeks sale of Onion and Gizmodo sites

Video: Targeted advertising: Google gives users the option to switch ads off Gizmodo Media Group (formerly Gawker Media) and The Onion web sites are for sale, reports Sam Machkovech at Ars Technica,just two years after Univision purchased them as part of plans to beef up its revenues prior to an IPO. Univision acquired Gawker Media by outbidding Ziff Davis with… Read more →

Tableau takes next steps toward smart analytics

Video: CEO Adam Selipsky outlines Tableau 10.5’s new data engine Hyper Tableau last month announced the acquisition of Empirical Systems, an artificial intelligence (AI) startup with an automated discovery and analysis engine designed to spot influencers, key drivers, and exceptions in data. It was Tableau’s second acquisition over the last year aimed at accelerating so-called “smart” capabilities and part of… Read more →

ZTE lives on: US Commerce Dept. lifts ban

The US Commerce Department on Friday announced it has lifted its export ban on ZTE, after the Chinese telecom giant deposited the final tranche of a $1.4 billion penalty the US imposed against it. The export ban, imposed earlier this year, effectively crippled ZTE by prohibiting US companies from selling products or services to it. The ban was imposed after… Read more →

IT vendors slash prices in LatAm as users seek savings

Technology companies are drastically reducing prices of products and services and diversifying their portfolios as a way to respond to recessionary spending patterns of user organizations in Latin America, according to a recent study. special feature Tech Budgets 2018: A CXO’s Guide Our research shows where organizations are spending their IT budgets in 2018 and what their top priorities are…. Read more →

Microsoft advocates for government regulation of facial-recognition technology

On the heels of criticism of its work with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Microsoft is advocating for government to take a role in regulating facial recognition technology. Credit: Microsoft Microsoft officials have said that the company’s work with ICE doesn’t include any facial-recognition work, in spite of a company blog post about ICE being a Microsoft customer… Read more →

Justice Dept. indicts 12 Russian spies over 2016 DNC hack

(Image: file photo) The Justice Department has indicted the hackers thought to be responsible for the 2016 cyberattack on the Democratic National Committee. Twelve indictments were filed by the office of US special counsel Robert Mueller, who was brought on last year to investigate Russian interference with the 2016 US presidential election. Rod Rosenstein, deputy attorney general, made the announcement… Read more →

SmartFrame aims to replace jpegs to help companies protect and monetize images

An example of how a SmartFrame image could look. For a working example of the image, visit the demo page Image credit: SmartFrame SmartFrame Technologies Ltd, a London-based start-up, wants to replace jpeg images with an interactive format that makes them easier to track, easier to monetize, and harder to steal. Users can’t simply right-click images and save them. They… Read more →